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Servicing the Sunshine Coast, Gympie (Queensland) and surrounding areas, CanineLife Skills offers Positive Reinforcement and Force Free training. The In Home Puppy Pre School and Manners n' More training is designed to assist puppies, adolescent and adult dogs to build on their relationship with your family, learning to be calm, to be confident and, along with desirable behaviours, they develop and mature into behaviourally healthy canine citizens.

My Philosophy is Do No Harm

Over the 30years of growing with, and learning about, our canine companions,

we have found that dogs learn faster and are so much happier when reinforced for all the good things they do.

Dogs will repeat behaviours for which they are reinforced.

Its effectiveness forges the foundation for good behaviour, calm emotions and the relationship between you and your dog.

We give you the skills to calmly redirect those undesirable behaviours into desirable behaviours, whether it's:

  • Jumping up 

  • Pulling on lead 

  • Not responding to recall  

  • Unwanted barking 

  • Reactivity

  • Resource Guarding

and many more of those undesirable doggy behaviours.

Positive reinforcement training is based on the science of animal learning and those reinforcements can be anything the dog enjoys, treats, and game of ball or tug, a walk in the park.

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