Puppy Preschool at Tewantin Veterinary Surgery 

PuppyLife Skills holds Puppy Pre School Classes At Tewantin Veterinary Surgery

for puppies 8 to 16 weeks.

Classes are Force Free, Positive Reinforcement classes, where pups and their parents are happy and open to learning.


Puppy's Parents learn how to reward and reinforce the behaviours they want, to ignore the behaviours they don't want and how to manage the behaviours that cannot be ignored.

You will learn to read your puppy's body language, which will tell you how your pup is feeling emotionally.

Using Positive Reinforcement 

Puppy is introduced to lifelong Foundation Behaviours: calmly laying on their mat and being able to focus on you amidst  class distractions. Nose touches.

Loose lead walking, the all important recall.

You and puppy will learn to be a team, whilst learning to engage in husbandry techniques together.

Puppy will enjoy short play sessions with other puppies.


The classes are 1 hour in duration over 6 weeks , with the first class being without puppy. 

Next class commences Tuesday 29/01/2019

Please contact me for class details and cost.




Tewantin Veterinary Surgery



PuppyLife Skills School of Manners at Tewantin Veterinary Surgery

Our School of Manners 'N More classes are for the older puppy from 5 - 12 months.

They consolidate what you and your puppy learnt in Puppy Pre School.

These are great classes for furthering the  training of relaxation, being calm amidst distractions, focus,understanding and recognising your dogs emotions.

Continuing, of course, with Loose Lead Walking and  Recall.

Add distance, duration and distraction to behaviours your dog has already learnt. .

Learn more on how to effectively communicate with your dog and how to manage and problem solve those undesirable behaviours.


Next class commences 

Sunday, 3/02/2019 

 at 8am

Please contact me for class details and cost.


Home Schooling / Behaviour Assessment + Solutions

Home Schooling is available for puppies whose people are not able to attend classes, or whose pet is not suitable for a class environment. Both Puppy Pre School and Manners classes are available.

Many dogs develop behavioural problems as they mature, such as anxiety, barking, separation anxiety, fear and/or reactivity toward other dogs and people.


Behaviour assessment and solutions are offered, with referral to a qualified Behaviour Vet who have their Membership in Veterinary Behaviour (MANZVC) if required.

Even if you live outside my designated are, please don't hesitate to phone and I will be able to advise you as to who is your nearest Force Free trainer.

Please contact me for further information.




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