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Snuffle Mats

Feeding our dogs involves far more than feeding from a bowl. Mental stimulation is every bit as important as physical exercise, if not more so. Too much physical exercise can over stimulate a dog, causing arousal and an inability to settle, be calm!

Enrichment feeding encourages mental stimulation, which helps to tire out and assist in calming a dog.

There are several ways to do this. Scatter feeding, Kongs, Food Puzzles and Snuffle Mats are but a few.

I offer hand made Snuffle Mats for sale in 3 sizes LARGE, MEDIUM AND SMALL

Made to colour order from Felt strips. If you have a colour preference I am happy to do that. Orders take a few days to complete, with delivery to anywhere on the Sunshine Coast and Gympie free

Postage elsewhere is $20.00

Large =  $75.00                                 Medium = $55.00                                       Small = $35.00















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