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My name is Michele and I have been involved with dogs from the early 1990’s. From that time to the present, it has been a journey of learning about, understanding and loving, this species that live so closely with us.

With my beloved Rhodesian Ridgebacks, I have clicker trained my dogs to competition level in Agility, Dances with Dogs and Rally-O, many years ago understanding that the science behind The Learning Theory. With Positive Reinforcement and Fear Free training making the learning process fun. 


I have bred approximately 10 litters of puppies and it was through this time I realised that setting the puppies up to, not only love life in the litter as confident young pup, but set them up to succeed in life and encourage their owners to follow that path.










Assisting owners to raise their puppies as behaviourally healthy, confident adult dogs is my passion.

I am a qualified


An Approved Story Dog Assessor

Dog Behaviour: Problems and Solutions Certificate

Arizona State University


A Member of:

The Pet Professional Guild Australia,

The PPGA is a chapter of the World Organization - The Pet Professional Guild

A member of the Professional Dog Trainers Group on the Sunshine Coast. We regularly meet to keep ourselves updated with Positive and Fear Free training methods.

An  Administrator of the Face Book Group – Anxious Dogs Australia Support Group.

This growing Group of many members is where people with Anxious Dogs find support, advice and direction from the qualified Administrators .

It is important to upskill, keeping abreast with current methods by regularly attending Seminars and listening to Webinars.


Puppy Play
Puppy Cuddles
Dances With Dogs Competiton
Agilty competition
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