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A group training environment, is not suitable for every dog. Sometimes clients want the training to be tailored to their lifestyle or,

their dog requires an initial training package before the owners are comfortable entering into group sessions to further their dogs

Manners inside and outside their home. 

In Home Training covers:

Manners Program designed to build a well-behaved canine companion you can enjoy at home and take anywhere. 

  • Developing Focus

  • Mat Training for calm

  • Canine Enrichment

  • Loose Lead Walking                                

  • Recalls

  • Toilet Training Issues

  • Digging 

  • Jumping Up

  • Barking

  • Resource guarding


Behavioural Issues:

Behavioural problems are challenging and stressful for both

your dog and you. Group training classes are not an appropriate

environment for a dog with behavioural issues.  

Behaviour assessment and modification, with environmental management are required, and depending on the severity of these issues,

a referral to either your Vet or a Behavioural Vet who has qualifications in canine psychiatric disorders.

Training is tailored around the issues your dog has, based on Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning. It takes time and

work to help your dog recover from its issues. This training starts in your home where your dog feels safe and comfortable, gradually

expanding his environment but keeping him below threshold. 

In some circumstances it is better to conduct the initial training sessions via Zoom, rather than stress your dog by having a stranger in

your home.

Reasons for Online Consultations:

Your dog is: Afraid of strangers in your home.

                 Is reactive to strangers and has a bite history.




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